Design and Engineering

A great house cannot be built without a great architectural plan. The architecture of novel industrial equipment is an equally important phase. A professionally prepared equipment blueprint is a prerequisite for all the subsequent phases (choice of producer, integration, and installation). At Machinery Assist, a team of highly experienced engineers can take on any design challenge.

We work with both standard and one-of-a-kind equipment projects: we create the concept, describe machinery processes and internal logic of operation, prepare all necessary technical drawings. Whatever project we prepare, we can also transform it into reality by manufacturing and installing the desired piece of machinery in accordance to pre-agreed budget.

Key Fact:


of clients who seek our engineering and design expertise later entrust us with the manufacturing phase as well. We don’t just talk the talk, we also walk the walk.

Important to Know:

We adhere to the principle of deadline responsibility which is a huge advantage in an industry where deadline compromises have become the norm. At Machinery Assist, designing of new equipment will never take longer than agreed.
In the eyes of a professional engineer, even nonstandard projects are interpreted in the light of timeless scientific rules. Our ability to standardize unique industrial needs allows to offer cost-savvy solutions.

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