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The most advanced businesses realize that a reactive approach to industrial plant maintenance is a costly thing of the past. In order to ensure that our customers' businesses are not stopped by unexpected challenges related to the industrial equipment, we have created a unique maintenance program - MACHINERY CARE. Audit, project management, sensor-based monitoring, asset maintenance & management and process improvement modules are included in this program. Our commitment is to create a one-step value chain, eliminating any worries related to the efficiency and maintenance of your equipment, as well as saving your energy costs and staff time.

Problems and reality 

Do you really know the efficiency of your equipment, energy resources and the potential of your production? How does this affect the company's profitability?
Most of us only know the answer by gut feeling because we don't measure. If we don't measure, we can't improve the situation.

Complex maintenance system MACHINERY CARE

The efficiency of equipment and energy resources and unused production potential directly affects the company's profitability and also has an environmental impact. To achieve these goals, it is necessary to understand how all resources are efficiently used in production and how they can be optimized.
In order to identify efficiency gaps and find ways to improve them it is necessary to constantly measure the key performance indicators of energy use and production potential.
The evolution of maintenance strategy
Our approach to the evolution of maintenance is illustrated in the image above. We aim to help clients navigate this evolutionary path. There are several different maintenance strategies that have evolved over the years. We briefly define each of them.
1.Run-to-failure maintenance (a.k.a. reactive maintenance) often represents a lack of an actual maintenance strategy. It suggests that the maintenance department doesn’t have a plan – it waits until something breaks down, then sends a team to repair it. Rinse and repeat.
2. Preventive maintenance (a.k.a. preventative maintenance) is the simplest and cheapest proactive maintenance strategy. It gained prominence as businesses realized it is more cost-effective to invest in regular maintenance than wait for assets to break down – and deal with all the negative consequences that come with unplanned downtime.
3. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) takes a step forward by introducing condition monitoring technology into the mix. It uses vibration analysis, ultrasonic testing, infrared testing, and other techniques to assess the current condition of an asset and its components.
4. A predictive maintenance strategy is a more accurate version of condition-based maintenance. It uses condition monitoring data, OEM recommendations, maintenance logs, and other data to build algorithms that can predict equipment failures.
5. Prescriptive maintenance strategy represents the most advanced approach to asset maintenance.
Choosing the right maintenance strategy
Machinery Care Choosing the right maintenance strategy
In order to save money companies usually devote insufficient resources to the technical maintenance of the equipment. As a result they have a high level of downtime, which contributes to an unstable production flow.
It also happens that companies incur high repair costs while trying to minimize downtime.
Our goal is to help the customer to achieve optimal levels of downtime and service costs.
Monitor, maintain, optimize – complex service system MACHINERY CARE

01. Audit.

Assessment of the client's situation in order to properly plan and implement solutions that increase efficiency and profitability.


  • During the audit we collect basic information about the client which allows to better understand the situation (what is the current efficiency of the equipment, which equipments are "bottlenecks", what is the level of downtimes and what are the reasons, how technical maintenance is organized, what are the biggest users of energy resources and etc.).
  • Simulation and calculation to show possible benefits of the service.
  • Drawing up an possible action plan and agreeing on achievable KPIs.

02. Project management.

We assign a technical project manager who takes care of:

  • Project implementation (implementation of monitoring, CMMS tools, implementation of "Machinery Care");

  • Consulting services;

  • Feedback to the customer;

  • Problems solving;

  • Remote monitoring;

  • Planning and execution of maintenance works;

  • Continuous improvement.

03. Monitoring.

Collect and visualize data of equipment and energy usage to help the client with productivity challenges which directly impacts business profitability.


  • Installation of the OEE monitoring system (statistics of downtimes, set-up times, adjustments, short stops, speed losses, etc.);
  • Installation of energy resource monitoring tools (electricity, water, gas, compressed air, dust extraction, etc.);
  • Installation of condition monitoring tools (wear, vibrations, pressure, temperature, etc.).
Machinery Care Monitoringas
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator based on the theory of good manufacturing practices, which defines the percentage of the planned production time that was used productively. If the OEE indicator is equal to 100%, it means that the equipment, equipment line or the entire factory produced products at the highest possible speed without any stoppages and did not make a single defect.
Machinery Care OEE calculation example
Benefits of OEE monitoring:
  • You collect all information about the device and energy resources: downtime, work rhythm. You determine the causes of traffic disturbances.

  • Visualization allows you to understand what is happening in production in real-time. Your team is immediately notified of downtime and other events.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and OEE statistics with graphs.

  • Collected information about production quantities, equipment downtimes and reasons of it.

  • Increased transparency of the information inside the company.

  • Improved quality of decisions made.

  • Production teams are involved into process optimization.

  • Increased teams’ motivation.

04. Assets maintenance and management.

To achieve a balance between downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Implementation of the CMMS for planning and execution of equipment maintenance works and resources;
  • Technical maintenance services;
  • Equipment modernization and automation.
Machinery Care CMMS calculation example

05. Process improvement.

To help the client solve equipment downtimes not only of technical origin, but also of organizational origin.

• Application of Lean methodologies.

Why choose us?

Your goal is our goal:

To increase the efficiency of equipment and energy resources, which impacts company's profitability.


  • Giving the project development to our hands, you will get experience-based faster project development and faster payback;
  • Extensive experience in maintaining facilities from various industries;
  • A wide range of services from one partner.

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