Machinery Installation and Integration for Machinery Manufacturers

At Machinery Assist, we have extensive expertise in new machinery installation. We work with machinery manufacturers, distributors, and agents to provide delivery, installation, and commissioning services as part of their sales contracts. Our goal is to provide a safe, reliable, and cost-effective service. We also work closely with manufacturing clients to ensure a smooth installation process. This is to ensure that it is ready for commissioning under warranty.

Protect your brand and customers

Protecting your brand is crucial for the success of your business. Your brand represents your identity and reputation, and it's essential to maintain it. When a customer invests in your high-value machinery, they expect it to be installed and serviced by professionals who are passionate about their work.

Responsibility from one company

Being your machinery installation and integration partner, we understand that we represent your business in all aspects, including our interaction with your customers, our safety protocols, and the cleanliness of our work habits. We take these responsibilities very seriously and recognize that our reputation as an OEM installation partner depends on our performance.

We know about the work that the equipment manufacturer will face when installing a new machine at the customer plant:

• Equipment external/internal logistics.
• Customized adaptations.
• Additional tasks not related to the manufacturer's equipment and know-how.
• Equipment integration into existing lines/set-ups equipment commissioning.
• Equipment service, maintenance & repair.

These challenges follow OEM’s:

• Inconstant demand for specific skills or knowledge specialists. Demand peaks & valleys that are difficult to manage.
• Shortage & cost of experienced engineering skills on the market.
• Project planning challenges that are beyond the equipment manufacturer’s control.
• Customer/country-specific labor, safety, and certification requirements.
• Service initiatives and retrofits.

Our products and services – complex solutions from one company:

• Logistics.
• Preparation.
• Installation and integration.
• Automation and engineering solutions.
• Service and maintenance.
• Hi-Tech ability to start/service equipment remotely with the support of manufacturer ‘s technicians.
• Semi-annual/annual maintenance.
• Engineering support.
• Remote programming according to the technical task.

Key advantages:

• The flexible, right resource at the right time.
• Complete project management from a single source.
• Specialists with the right permits and certificates work according to ISO-certified procedures.
• Efficient project execution according to agreed standardized equipment manufacturer ‘s processes & working routines.
• 1 M EUR liability insurance.
• Experience in different countries and industries.
• High competencies in specific manufacturer’s equipment & continuous learning.

Benefits for OEM:

• The manufacturer has a reliable and flexible equipment installation partner.
• The manufacturer can offer customers customized solutions.
• Reduced operational costs, and risk of internal employee downtime.

We serve various industries:

• Wood processing and furniture manufacturing.
• Automotive.
• Paper and packaging industry.
• Healthcare & Pharmaceutical.
• Food and many more.

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