Machinery Installation and Relocation for Agents, Distributors and Auctions

Machinery Relocation and Installation Services for Your Used Equipment Business
As a vendor of used machinery, you are committed to not only selling equipment but also ensuring seamless  machinery installation for your clients. The success of your brand in the market depends on how easily and happily your customers can set up their purchases.

Why wait?

Elevate your business today with our exceptional installation services!
We offer machinery relocation and installation services that can take your used equipment business to the next level.
Enhance Client Trust
Machinery Assist provides a wide range of machinery installation services beyond basic setup assistance. Our partnership model empowers you to confidently recommend our top-tier installation services to your customers, adding value to your sales process as a reliable vendor who goes the extra mile for client satisfaction. With our service, they receive a turnkey solution: equipment that is not just delivered but fully prepared for operation. Your client feels zero stress, while you provide greater value.
Services we offer:
Creating plans for machine relocation.
Electrical & mechanical systems decommissioning.
Machinery disassembly/assembly.
Equipment marking and defecting.
Special equipment packaging.
Machinery transportation.
Installation of new/used equipment.
Equipment dry-run.
Training of technical staff and operators.
Modernization of equipment.
Connection of equipment from different manufacturers
On-site supervision and project management
Your Benefits:


The customer journey with your company will extend beyond machinery acquisition to encompass the entire purchase experience, including professional installation and commissioning.
We guarantee to not only meet but exceed customer expectations by encouraging positive feedback.
By offering our installation services as part of your sales process, you will stand out in the marketplace and showcase your competitive advantage.
We take full responsibility for the installation process, allowing you to focus on sales and business expansion.
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Boost your business growth with Machinery Assist's machinery relocation and installation services.

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