Machinery Installation and Relocation for Product Manufacturers

We offer services for relocating and installing machinery to various customer needs
Machinery relocation projects can occur due to factory expansion, decommissioning, or production line changes. Machinery Assist works for machinery manufacturers and manufacturing companies that own equipment.
Our team of experts has experience in installing a wide range of heavy machinery, including single machines to complete production lines. We understand the complexities involved in heavy machinery installation and have developed specific standards, processes, and techniques to ensure that installations are implemented safely and efficiently.

Key Fact:


To this day, Machinery Assist has relocated more than 4000 units of machinery in more than 4000 trucks.
Product manufacturers need machines to be installed for several primary reasons:
New machines installation.
• A new industrial plant needs to install new production line machinery for the first time before it can launch its operations.
• An existing industrial plant needs to replace its old machinery to improve performance, reduce costs, and keep up with the latest technologies and innovations in the market.
Used machines installation.
• An existing industrial plant needs to reconfigure or expand its facilities.
• An existing industrial plant needs to change location depending on strategic goals and decisions.
Properly dismantling equipment at the old location is the crucial first step in relocating machinery. Our team of experts has the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your sensitive equipment with care. Our dismantling process involves more than just taking the system and its various components apart and disconnecting the utilities. Our approach also includes match marking, documentation, and special packing of each part. You can be sure that everything is ideally prepared for safe transport and subsequent reassembly.
Services we offer:
Creating plans for machine moves.
Electrical & mechanical systems decommissioning.
Machinery disassembly/assembly.
Equipment marking and defecting.
Special equipment packaging.
Machinery transportation.
Installation of new/used equipment.
Equipment dry-run.
Training of technical staff and operators.
Modernization of equipment.
Connection of equipment from different manufacturers
On-site supervision and project management

How do we plan works?
When planning the installation of industrial machines, we take care of the individual needs of each client. The installation carried out during the plant construction phase requires careful planning. However, it is usually the case that clients want to expand their business and decide to purchase new machinery to be installed without significantly interfering with other processes taking place on-site. Therefore, we work together with our clients to ensure that all installation stages take place as quickly as possible and without interrupting other logistics or production operations. We plan the work and inform the client about any restrictions so that they can take this into account when planning their internal processes.
The installation of a machine is usually a rather time-consuming and complicated project, so one of the main tasks of our specialists is to create an appropriate work schedule. This ensures that the client knows exactly what work we will be carrying out and in what location. Together, we plan the next steps so that the installation of industrial machines has as little impact as possible.

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