Machinery Relocation

As every experienced industrialist knows, the tasks of machinery dismantling, transferring and installing involve so much more than just physical labour. Complex relocation projects not only pose serious logistical challenges – companies also face the risk of prolonged production stoppages. What’s more, if the project is not handled by experienced professionals, it may be hard to predict the duration of relocation operations, and such uncertainty may be extremely damaging for business.

Machinery Assist specializes in machinery relocation services and seeks to be a leader in this field (in fact, this was the company’s original service). Our service model is unique in that it eliminates all uncertainties and relieves the client of all responsibilities. Unlike most competitors, we don’t pick between easy and difficult projects, and we always offer an A to Z solution: we take care of planning and preparation, dismantling of machine tools, equipment cleaning, transferring of production lines onto transportation units, control of the entire logistics process, preparation of new production facilities (including construction work), installation of production lines at the new premises, etc. Clients are informed in advance about the total duration and total budget of the project.
We offer services for relocating and installing machinery to various customer needs.

Key Fact:


To this day, Machinery Assist has relocated more than 4000 units of machinery in more than 4000 trucks.

Important to Know:

Relocation services are offered in 26 countries across Europe.
Our team is influent in English, Russian, German, Polish and Lithuanian languages.
We have debunked the industry myth that duration and budget of relocation projects are impossible to determine in advance.
Our wide-ranging skillset allows to manage the entire project without involving client’s employees.
During the relocation process, we also evaluate the state of your industrial equipment and offer recommendations for cleaning, repairs and improvements (which we can carry out ourselves).
Our experts – technicians, electricians, engineers and installers – are passionate about their craft, and their pay is directly linked to the smooth implementation of relocation projects.
We are insured with a professional civil liability insurance so that our clients can feel completely safe.

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